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Code of Ethics

Technology is not evil. Evil is the user and the misuse.

We at brigkAIR know that we live a world where right now disruptive technologies are developed very rapidly. In early phases it is not always possible to pre-estimate for what this technology might be used. But technologies originally meant for military applications improved our live. Without the DARPA challenges autonomous driving and flying are hard to imagine. The WWW we use everyday was a military application at first and changed our society and daily live enormously. That said we developed this code of ethics to define our work. Some of our partners work in areas of dual-use or military applications but are interested in civil usecases as well and we want to open their resources and infrastructure for everybody.

brigkAIR works in areas that benefit society

We choose to work in areas that benefit society while exceeding foreseeable risks and downsides:

#We focus on creating benefits for the entire industry by helping startups to develop products and services

#We believe in open source projects, open standards and contribute as we can

#We support academic institutions and programs to teach autonomous systems technology and urban air mobility

#We support startups and founders to make their dream come true and to disrupt the world

#We are functioning as a non-profit organization

brigkAIR will not help to develop weaponized technologies

Autonomous technology and drones can be used for varying use cases by companies and governments. There are certain applications and relationships that we will not pursue:

#We will not help to develop weaponized technologies or technologies where principal purposes are to cause injury to people

#We will not work with governments other than those that are democratically-elected and with free press

#We will not work with technologies whose purposes contravene with widely accepted principles of international law and human rights

#We act as contact point for civil, dual use and military applications

#We will focus on civil or dual usecases

#We will work with industry partners and the german armed forces to open their resources and infrastructure for everybody

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