The startup incubator brigkAIR is calling for startups in the field of Cloud Computing to apply for the brigkAIR Accelerator Program. In 6 to 9 months, the selected startup will be intensively supported with workshops and coaching sessions. Thus, it will be optimally prepared for further financing rounds.

What is the brigkAIR Accelerator Program?

The Topic

Envision a world where someone would pull the plug and the Internet, and your network is not available anymore

All of your apps, services and solutions are offline. But there are things, which still need to run to secure our safety. In being able to communicate with each other, even in a disaster case, the military forces made the foundation with the ARPANET of our modern Internet. 

A current example of such sudden disasters are the floods in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands in July 2021 Small rivers turned into torrential currents that destroyed entire villages. Dams threatened to break while electricity, internet and cellphone networks were shut down in what became one of the region’s worst natural catastrophes in recent generations. To set the course for better preparation for any disasters that may occur, we created the brigkAIR Accelerator Program. 
We are looking for startups and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, such as IT, cloud and hybrid computing or software development, to tackle the problem. 

It´s almost 2022 and time to push the original ideas of the ARPANET to the next level. The challenge is to develop a solution that is operational on-the-fly and offline. Setting up automatically a private scalable and state-of-the art next level cloud approach. Fully operable in a minute and with an automated setup independent from having administrators onsite. And yes Containerization, M2M Protocols and Robust Services as well.  


The Accelerator Process

We will start the Accelerator Program with a kickoff meeting. This is expected to take place in March 2022. We want to get to know each other, discuss expectations for the upcoming months and define lines together. 

After that the six months will start. They are packed with multiple coaching sessions, starting with “How to…” workshops like finance, marketing, HR etc. and specific Cloud Computing topics, besides that and most importantly, also things like investor-readiness and mentorships. You will also have regular meetings with the corporate mentor to keep reviewing the focus. We believe in “work hard -play hard”, so we will prepare some fun events and networking meetings

There will be several milestones during the six months. At the respective point of time, the current status will be presented and the further procedure discussed. 

The end will be celebrated by a closing ceremony. A look into the future will be taken and possible future cooperations will be discussed.

We as brigkAIR are always by your side and your point of contact for all questions. Don’t be afraid to contact us. We are always willing to listen to you and your questions!

Who are we looking for?


We are looking for entrepreneurs, nerds and startups with a background in IT, cloud computing, hybrid computing, software development.

The Application Process

The final schedule will be updated asap


The deadline for applications is December 31st, 2021.



In early January, we will review and evaluate all applications received.


After a pre-selection and 1:1 interviews, one startup will be selected.


Now you are ready to go! Be creative and wide for something great.

Find an innovative solution to tackle the issue. Come up with an idea and a suitable suggestion how you would tackle this. Submit the draft and your data to or click here until the December 31st, 2021.

We will rate your idea and submission and if you make it to the next round, you are being invited to 1:1 calls. 

After the final selection you can start disrupting the world and build your idea!

What do you get?

€ 25,000
initial funding




coachings, events




Most frequent questions and answers

No, the property of developed hard- and software solutions remains 100% with you.

You find the application form here. Please make sure that the registration form is completed before submitting. 

No, applications are open to anybody interested. The final startup will be selected by us on the basis of the information provided by the applicants in the registration form. 

You should be at least 18 years old.

We think early stage startups are the best fit. Ideally you have to be at least two people. That’s the minimum size we start thinking about you as a startup.

Yes and no. We believe in great community and this can only happen if you are on site and can connect with the people. But due to Covid-19 reasons since 2020 this is different. So some stuff will happen virtual some on site. And trust us we have a good environment to work hard, but party hard as well :wink: And you never know… maybe the conditions are as perfect that you never want to leave.

The detailed schedule will be published soon. We are currently planning on late February/early March as the kickoff date.

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