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The startup incubator of the Ingolstadt region brigk is expanding its focus to include the innovative field of three-dimensional mobility

Paris Air Show 2023

Hey startups in the drone and AAM sector!

Are you ready to show off your cool innovations to the world? We’ve got just the opportunity for you! We are thrilled to offer five startups the chance to showcase their products at the Paris Air Show 2023 for free.

You’ll get to use the booth for one day each and take advantage of the lounge and meeting infrastructure available throughout the event. This is a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with bigwigs in the aviation industry, meet potential investors and collaborators, and create an unforgettable impression.

All you need to do is send your pitch deck to us using a form before April 16st. We’ll check out your pitch and select the five most innovative startups.

Don’t miss this amazing chance to elevate your drone or AAM startup. Get ready to soar!


Startup Pitch Day

brigkAIR and the Federal Association of the German Aerospace Industry (BDLI) organized a startup pitch day

Startups were able to present themselves to established companies in the industry and made interesting contacts at the Airbus Drone Center in Manching.

The prize was a free booth at the ILA Berlin 2022.

Deep Drone Challenge

brigkAIR and Airbus hosted the Deep Drone Challenge

The startup incubator brigkAIR organized a competition on innovative drone technology together with Airbus in 2021.

The event connected people for a limited time to solve certain challenges in a friendly and fair competition.


Contact point, meeting place and new home for entrepreneurs, nerds and creative people, digital nomads and startups in Ingolstadt


Networking & coworking, coaching & offices, support & attention, coffee & wifi


We invest in minds and networks, not concrete

About us

The areas of application range from the area of rescue to flight taxis

brigkAIR is part of the digital startup incubator brigk, specializing in three-dimensional mobility. We´re a separate startup incubator with an accelerator program created for startups that are developing vertical mobility solutions.


Startups and project teams have an optimal test environment as well as highly focused technology competence and market know-how around autonomous vehicles of all kinds, including drones, flight taxis, corresponding hard- and software as well as related business models and services.


As an incubator we provide an optimal growth environment





Unique testing




Unique testing and flying conditions in Manching


We are looking for highly ambitious teams to support them in a relatively short
period of time (6 to 9 months) with knowledge, resources and coaching.

Expand your network

Connect with coaches, corporates and mentors

You are never alone

Be a brigk family member


Join many workshops like hackathons


Get an initial investment

Sweet office

24/7 access to your office space


Learn how to startup


Why Air Mobility is important

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Driving technology for leading brands

Make urban air mobility the reality

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Most frequent questions and answers

Teams in our accelerator program will get an initial investment. Plus, all teams will get access to our investor network and expert feedback on investor readiness.

We need to differentiate – you can be a part of the accelerator or incubator. We offer 6 month contracts with an option to extend 3 more months for our participators on our accelerator program. Our incubator part can offer contracts for 1 year.

Yes and no. We believe in great community and this can only happen if you are on site and and can connect with the people. But due to Covid-19 reasons since 2020 this is different. So some stuff will happen virtual as long as the situation doesn´t change. For testing and the missions sure you will be on site. And trust us we have a good environment to work hard, but party hard as well :wink: And you never know… maybe the conditions are as perfect that you never want to leave.

We think early stage startups are the best fit. Ideally you have to be at least two people. That’s the minimum size we start thinking about you as a startup.

Right now we are mostly concentrated on the EU-region. But even if you are from somewhere else don´t hesitate to contact us. We are always keen to meet new people and believe in strong networks. And maybe in future we extend the reach or you want to have a project here.

We offer access to a hangar and a test field with modern technology. If this is not enough there is aerospace available, or one of the longest runways in Europe. Even if you have special requirements we are always helping you to find the best test solutions. The testing facilities so far were good enough for startups like Lilium, Quantum and many others. And more like test rigs is about to come…

A wide range. Starting from “How to…” workshops like finance, HR, Marketing etc. but also specific things like SORA certification, a radio licence to talk to the tower… But most importantly things like investor-readiness and mentorships.

Yes. We offer special workshops to understand the policy, find possible suggestions and give possibility to talk to experts to get your things up in the air.

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